What We Do

AlArabi has established itself as the leading company in the Middle East for design and execution of contemporary, classical and Islamic gypsum works. We fabricate fibrous gypsum ceilings and walls using the best materials which carefully selected to meet AlArabi’s quality standards.
(Glass Reinforced Concrete and Glass Reinforced Gypsum)
Guaranteeing the best variety of products, Al Arabi utilises fibres to produce thin, lightweight, yet strong and durable materials which can be cast into nearly unlimited shapes, colours, and textures.
Our master painters can create any kind of finish you desire. We are always ready to provide samples of our work for your review and approval and work on them until you are fully satisfied.
Plain • Faux • Gold Leafing • Artistic • Trompe l’oeil • Stucco
For further information, please visit the website of our sister company, Maison Interiors.
  • Royal Court, various projects
  • Riffa Views, residential villas
  • Private villas at Saar, Hamala, Burhama, Zallaq,
    Umm al Hassam, Gudaibiya
  • Mosques at Riffa, Jaw
  • Palace in Abu Dhabi